What is C2 Tile Adhesive?

C2 is a classification of Tile adhesive.

C for Cementitious

This means it comes in powder form to which you add water. Powder based tile adhesive does not need air to cure so is perfect to bond our membranes to the wall, as the membranes act as both a water and vapour barrier. Bucket ready tile adhesive needs air to cure and should not be used to bond the membranes to the wall.

2 for Adhesive Level

The 2 in C2 means improved adhesive as apposed to C1 which is normal adhesive. The adhesion test (C) is the most difficult to pass because the adhesive is put through a series of tests, freeze/thaw cycles, water immersion etc and then the bond strengths are measured after 28 days. C1 is greater than 0.5 N/mm2 after all the different cycles and C2 is greater than 1 N/mm2.