No1 Bathroom Waterproofing Range

Classi Plus

for Shower Trays and Baths

Similar to Classi Seal, Classi Plus also acts as a secondary seal between the ledge of the shower tray or bath and the wall. The Classi Plus upstand on either side of the waterproof membrane has a fleeced outer which makes it fully compatible with tile adhesive and liquid sealing membranes. The upstand is also 70mm taller than Classi Seal which makes it ideal for small format tiles, such as mosaics or subway tiles.

If you choose to waterproof the entire showering area with the Classi Waterproofing Kit for Shower Trays and Baths, fitting Classi Plus is the first stage of the process. Classi Plus is available in various lengths comes and is applied to the wall touching sides of a shower tray or bath before installation, in one continuous length.

Points to note

The contact surface of the shower tray or bath has to be roughened, cleaned and dry. This leaves a good keyed surface for the Classi Plus to bond to.

To seal between the bottom of the tiles and the ledge of the shower tray or bath, we only recommend Neutral Cure, Sanitary Grade 100% Silicone, such as our complimentary Classi Neutal Cure.

Add the length of the wall touching sides of your shower tray or bath to select the correct roll size. Classi Plus can’t be joined, it must be used in one continuous run.