Fitting a Bath?

Want to guarantee their will be no leaks?

We have all had leaks from our bathroom. Water goes places that it shouldn’t! These leaks are not as a result of poor installation. They are as a result of movement, settlement and shrinkage - sometimes long after installation. Classi products recognise this and allow for this movement - giving you a leak free installation - guaranteed.

Our Range for Baths:

Classi Seal

Classi Seal is a self-adhesive and permanently flexible upstand, available in various lengths, which acts as secondary seal between the ledge of a shower tray or bath and the wall. It must be fitted to the wall touching sides of the tray or bath before it is plumbed into final position. The upstand sits above the ledge of the shower tray or bath by 30mm and is tiled or wall panelled over.

Classi Plus

Similar to Classi Seal, Classi Plus also acts as a secondary seal between the ledge of the shower tray or bath and the wall.

The Classi Plus upstand on either side of the waterproof membrane has a fleeced outer which makes it fully compatible with tile adhesive and liquid sealing membranes. The upstand is also 70mm taller than Classi Seal which makes it ideal for small format tiles, such as mosaics or subway tiles.

Waterproofing Kit for Showers & Baths

The majority of water leaks in showering areas occur between the ledge of the shower tray or bath and the wall. However water can also get through cracks high above the bottom ledge in cracks in the grout between tiles and in the corners. Classi Waterproofing Kit for shower trays and baths is a belts and braces waterproofing product. First Classi Plus is applied to the wall touching sides of the shower tray or bath. This is then bonded to the wall with tile adhesive. Tile adhesive is then applied in front of the upstand and up the wall, to which the Classi waterproofing membrane is pushed into. Excess air is removed and the process is repeated until the showering area has been covered with membrane. Special corner and joint tape is used in the corners pipe collars and are also supplied in the kit. The process takes approximately 1 hour and after this tiling can begin in the normal way.