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Classi Shower Tray Waterproofing Range

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Water damage from shower trays can be avoided. If you are installing a showertray you have three options. Each one is outlined below with an initial indication of cost to and time to install. Each button will take you to more detailed information on how each is fitted, with information on where or how to purchase. We also have our own A+ Rated Classi Neutral Cure silicone sealant which we recommend for finishing after the use of any of our products.

Classi Seal

Classi Seal is a self-adhesive and permanently flexible upstand

Classi Plus

Similar to Classi Seal, Classi Plus also acts as a secondary seal between the ledge of the shower tray or bath and the wall

Classi Waterproofing Kit for Shower Trays

Classi Waterproofing Kit is used to waterproof the entire shower area

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