No1 Bathroom Waterproofing Range

Classi Seal

for Shower Tray and Baths

Classi Seal is a self-adhesive and permanently flexible upstand, available in various lengths, which acts as secondary seal between the ledge of a shower tray or bath and the wall. It must be fitted to the wall touching sides of the tray or bath before it is plumbed into final position. The upstand sits above the ledge of the shower tray or bath by 30mm and is tiled or wall panelled over.

Classi Seal can accommodate vertical movement of at least 15mm and still maintain a waterproof seal. With innovation awards in both the UK and Ireland, no other product has changed installation practice in bathrooms so radically within the last ten years. The UK Housing Product of the Year in 2008, Classi Seal with an established and proven history of preventing water leaks caused by settlement and movement is specified widely in new build and refurbishment work, both within the private and public sector.

Points to note

The contact surface of the shower tray or bath has to be roughened, cleaned and dry. This leaves a good keyed surface for the Classi Seal to bond to.

To seal between the bottom of the tiles and the ledge of the shower tray or bath, we only recommend Neutral Cure, Sanitary Grade 100% Silicone, such as our complimentary Classi Neutal Cure

Add the length of the wall touching sides of your shower tray or bath to select the correct roll size. Classi Seal can’t be joined, it must be used in one continuous run.